About us


It was during the days of my first visit to India in 2004, the thought of making significant interventions to address and mitigate the grave hardships of forlon human lives gripped my mind. Consequently, a Pain & Palliative Care Center for Cancer Patients was established at Vatakara in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala in the same year. Since then, this center has been serving numerous cancer patients by providing them proper medical care and treatment, relief to their physical, emotional and psychosocial symptoms, nutrition care etc, and improving the quality, comfort and resilience of such terminally ill patients and their families.

Alongside this endeavour, the initiative of offering food to nearly 2000 extremely poor families in different parts of Kerala was launched, and continued favouring a lot of deserving beneficiaries.

Shelter for the homeless destitute patients loomed large as an equally important matter of concern. A home for accommodating such homeless sections of society fighting the hardships of diseases and destitution was opened at Mahe in 2008, titled THANAL (meaning ‘Shelter’ in Malayalam). A chain of THANAL Destitute Homes are caring for the lives of scores of such people in and outside Kerala now.

Our Ethos

Be the next

In everything we do, we endeavour to provide the greatest level of quality. We always push ourselves to do better and pioneer new territory in our pursuit of the next big idea.

Stay Stronger

We’ve developed a supportive and welcoming atmosphere that encourages direct, truthful, and heartfelt networking. In order to create a sense of belonging for everyone, we welcome and celebrate our plurality. We support one another, and as a team, we succeed and grow.

Think Broad

 Never do we give up. To better serve the needs of the most vulnerable people in society, we push the boundaries of what we believe is possible.

Integrity in Action

We’re authentic, honest, and dedicated to acting in the interests of both our NGO and historically marginalised populations. We voluntarily work together to find the truth. Politics, covert objectives, and passive-aggressive conduct are not tolerated by us.

Promote the Cause

To build a future where anybody can belong everywhere, we have come together with our community involvement.

Bringing people together, giving them the solutions they need to recapture ownership of their own liberation from past economic and social repression, advance equity, and secure strong futures. (via education, proper health, and rights-based mechanisms).

A transformative community based psycho-socio-vocational rehabilitation approach that helps communities to become self-sufficient and engage in sustainable development and commerce.



India’s public health is at a crossroads and is recognised by different stakeholders, including policymakers and lawmakers. The decision-makers or the public do not properly understand the importance of rehabilitation in public health. Thereby we ensure to attain and maintain maximum independence, full physical, mental, social, and vocational ability, and full inclusion and participation in all aspects of life for families and individuals with disabilities. Our successful rehabilitation process requires the involvement of sectors including health, education, livelihood, and social welfare.


Welfare & Development

The initiatives dovetail efforts for increasing the prosperity and well-being of the marginalised. Mainstreaming rural livelihoods, ensuring people welfare schemes and creating market avenues for rural populations, thereby ensuring equitable development, our core functioning model. To achieve progress and bring about a transformation in the lives of urban and rural people, we collectively strive to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, caste and gender discrimination. The focus is on achieving Sustainable Development Goals.



We believe that development is person-centric and for that, we have to transform human lives through education. This requires advocating for a school-based education system that promotes sustainable development and keeps humanity at the centre of human progress. We have schools, multi-disciplinary therapeutic centres, and academic institutions for disabled children aimed at the general public’s welfare. We ensure that the right to universalisation of compulsory and free education is received by all aspiring children.