Doctors to Work for Street Dwellers

Qualification: MBBS

Locations: Kolkata, Chennai

Job Description

  • Evaluate patients and provide appropriate medical treatment for various illnesses and injuries
  • Document all patient evaluations, treatments, medications and transactions according to Trust policies and procedures
  • Supervise Medical Assistants to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current care methods and procedures and suggest improvements
  • Assist Medical Director in identifying and resolving workplace issues
  • Diagnosing injury, illness, and disease in both new and returning patients
  • Interpreting x-rays, laboratory results, and other diagnostic reports.
  • Assessing symptoms and conducting follow-up appointments when needed
  • Prescribing medicines and referring patients for specialized care
  • Staying current with medical, technological and research developments
  • Answering patients’ questions and providing medical advice

Latest by: 20th December 2022