Euphoria ’23 : Thanal Fest was a surprise for Kuttyadi

Euphoria 23, the annual celebration of around 300 differently-abled children of Thanal Karuna School, literally stole the hearts of the nation.
In front of a packed audience at the Kuttyadi Mehfil Auditorium, the performance of differently-abled children left awe. The sight of parents and staff dancing, singing and holding hands with their children filled the eyes and mind. The audience applauded the teachers who trained the underprivileged children in a way that public schools could not.

The Chariot Race of Euphoria brought all 300 children to the stage. It started with the prayer of Safia teacher and Anagha who have limited vision. The multi-talented genius Mohammad Asim Velimanna inaugurated the event which was attended by thousands. Working President T.K. Mohandas presided. Shadow Academic Dean Dr. Jamila, PTA President Babu Ayanchery, P.K. Nawazmaster, K.M. Muhammadali, T.K. Riaz, Abdullah Salman, E.J. Niaz, Deepu Trikotoor, Sandhya Karandode, Soufi Thakakandi and Sufaira teachers congratulated the students. N.V. Abdullah Master, Mohandas Kayakodi, P.K. Hamid, Prakashan Kannatti, P.C. Muhammadali and presented the prize. The food fest organized by Thanal Women’s Wing was held by Block President K.P. Chandri inaugurated.

Principal Akshaya Thomas welcomed and Y.Principal Jobijon gave vote of thanks. Euphoria 23 was a celebration that marked the sky as the only limit for the joy of the children of Thanal.
It is also noteworthy that all those who came and competed with one voice were shouting that we are with the differently-abled children.
Karapara Moitu, T.C. Ashraf and Naja Munawwar sponsored each child for one year by paying 48000 rupees each. It is noteworthy that 68350 rupees collected through the Vanita Wing Food Fest was handed over to Thanal and 5 tailoring machines were given to the Vocational Department by the well-wishers at the venue itself.

Euphoria 23 was truly a testament to the excellence of the organization.
Latif Master Kayakodi, Nck Nawaz and Liji Canala wowed the crowd that flowed through the welcome gate.
The service face of Tanal Karuna PTMA and Tanal staff who stood by the women’s wing, youth wing, Tanal Bandhukal, Kayi Mei Naran Cuttack was beauty unmatched. All the philanthropists of the Kuttyadi land will join the heart of the shade and the sight of the market is delightful.