Thanal Home Kannur

The inmates of THANAL’s Destitute Home in Kannur are mainly paraplegic patients. The significant initiative here is the offering of regular, intensive physiotherapy to bedridden patients.

The target group of care seekers comprises not only the inmates but also the poor patients from outside who are confined to bed being the victims of spinal cord injuries and other physical handicaps. The ultimate aim in accommodating such physically challenged patients is to enable them to stand and walk on their feet and empower them to lead independent and dignified life after the treatment period of three months. The patients here undergo screening and selection processes before the commencement of treatment.

 Recent studies state that there are 40, 000 paraplegic patients in Kerala. Most of them are deprived of adept treatment facilities. THANAL’s center in Kannur caters to the needs of such poor and underprivileged paraplegic patients from different parts of the state. 20 patients can be admitted here with their bystanders for a tri-monthly treatment batch. Therapeutic training enables the patients to walk on their own feet with the aid of calipers