Kidney Transplantation

In India, chronic kidney diseases affect more than 8 million people.  More than 2 lakh persons are estimated to receive a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease each year. In India, the number of persons with kidney-related diseases has nearly quadrupled over the last 15 years. Knowing that most people recover if they receive timely medication […]

Dialysis Centres

Kidney disease is a serious public health issue that is on the rise globally causing functioning constraints, severe disability, and a low quality of life. To address the inequity in access to hemodialysis for the socio-economic vulnerable populations, we offer community-based hemodialysis units in rural areas, which  is unique in that it approaches individuals in […]

Neuro-Rehabilitation Centre

Thanal’s Neuro Rehabilitation Centres offer dedicated facilities for those with brain and spinal injuries. The primary objective is to improve the quality of life by providing comprehensive rehabilitation interventions. A community-based rehabilitation has been designed to assist people in returning to their regular lives by providing them with emotional, financial, and vocational help and guidance.

Early Detection Programs

We have devoted countless efforts to raising awareness of the prevention of renal diseases and lifestyle diseases ever since the Renal Care Center was founded. A person’s way of living is frequently associated with renal and lifestyle diseases. Controlling lifestyle-related diseases would aid from early identification of renal disease and other lifestyle-related diseases in a […]

Palliative Care Centre

Our palliative care facilities work to enhance the quality of life for patients and families living with life-threatening disease by offering pain and symptom relief, spiritual and psychological support from diagnosis to end-of-life and bereavement. Our centres include the bedridden, HIV positive individuals, disabled and other critically ill individuals. The services of palliative care facilities […]

Medical Relief

Through affiliations with various hospitals, financial assistance is offered to persons who are most in need and belong from socially and economically disadvantaged communities contending with health or medical problems. Treatment of persons with physical or mental disorders, provision of medical and auxiliary services to those recuperating from disease, and care of those in need […]

Community Psychiatric Centre

Community-based Thanal Psychiatry identifies and supports people experiencing psychiatric distress in rural communities belonging to the most vulnerable economic groups. Our services cater for adults as well as children and adolescents and provide 24-hour service in rural, urban, and semi-urban areas. The centre provides continuous, tailored community-based mental health care and support, including emergency services.  […]

Early Intervention Centres

We aspire to build superspeciality earliest intervention hospitals using cutting-edge technology, with foetal anatomy examinations during normal prenatal scans capable of detecting serious anomalies in both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies. We Daya Rehab Trust now boasts the first service provider of its sort in India. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology will be used for genetic condition […]

Post Transplant Care

Recovery takes time, even after the transplant. Patients’ and their families’ financial burdens may increase as a result of postoperative treatment. This demonstrates the necessity of financial aid for renal sufferers. Our community-based approach, which aims to lessen the family’s financial and social constraints, also takes care of any necessary post-transplant care.

Thanal Pharmacy

Thanal Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy chain that offers high-quality medications at reasonable prices. Thanal Pharmacy stores opened their doors in 2021. The medicines are supplied by the Prize Healthcare Foundation. Prize Health is our associated pharmaceutical manufacturing company, supplying medicines at the most affordable cost. We support those who are economically disadvantaged by offering […]