Early Detection Programs

We have devoted countless efforts to raising awareness of the prevention of renal diseases and lifestyle diseases ever since the Renal Care Center was founded. A person’s way of living is frequently associated with renal and lifestyle diseases. Controlling lifestyle-related diseases would aid from early identification of renal disease and other lifestyle-related diseases in a person. The likelihood of developing such diseases in later life is influenced by an unhealthy and irregular way of life. In order to control lifestyle diseases via long-term data processing, we organise survey camps. A community health education expo provided through a mobile lab facility near the beneficiaries’ homes as the simplest means of diagnosing renal illness in rural locations. Anyone who suspects they may have a kidney ailment is encouraged to seek additional testing under the direction of our chief nephrologist. We believe that structured prevention programs based on reducing the risk factors for community kidney clinics  and rehabilitative strategies could reduce disability occurrence.