Vocational Rehab for Destitute

Vocational rehabilitation for destitute has been developed to assist physically abled persons in our destitute homes and other underrepresented groups in finding some sort of economic  activity that may also lead to their financial independence and economic security. The employment stipulations rely on the applicant’s abilities, preferences, and talents, as well as the market’s existing […]

Child Development Centre

It is widely known that people who are physically or mentally disabled frequently have limited access to public services, employment, advocacy for their rights, and job opportunities. In this context, we recognized that children with disabilities need to be addressed with valuable guidance and support at various stages of their lives and as early as […]

Vocational Rehab for Differently Abled

Under vocational rehabilitation for the disabled, we provide coverage for beneficiaries who have modest psychological problems and mental illness, as well as for those who have acquired and acute disabilities, with a particular emphasis on brain and spinal cord injuries as well as neurological developmental delays.  Vocational Rehab for Disabled has been launched with a […]

HIV Provincial Program

As we dream for an inclusive world where all the marginalized communities which includes persons with HIV and Transgenders get equal voice and rights with opportunities and living with dignity and worth, the project focuses on the well being of these particular communities. The major aim is to ensure social inclusion and overall development of […]

Feed the Needy

‘Feed the Needy Kitchens’ are community kitchens that prepare meals for street dwellers in Indian metropolitan cities, supported by civil society. We ensure to offer free, wholesome, nutritious food to individuals and their families who are unable to afford it on the open market. We also extend our patronage for the successful rehabilitation of these […]

Housing & Water

The construction of Housing and well concentrated on providing rural Indians with equitable access to safe and clean drinking water and safe and secure homes. The project’s goal is to promote physical health, which will be facilitated by access to hygienic facilities, clean drinking water, and better nutrition. By accomplishing this, we hope to minimize […]

Orphan Family Care

We initiated this project  with the notion of helping widowed women and children who have lost their parent/(s). This program is designed as a non-institutional care and holistic support system. The idea is to provide basic income for women, enabling the less robust economic sectors to participate in socioeconomic growth.

Destitute Homes

The destitute homes do more than simply give individuals a place to live; they also assist in rehabilitating the poor, the homeless, those without relatives, the destitute, and those who have suffered from psychological problems or medical conditions. Through numerous programs under Thanal, the services at destitute homes offer the inmates residence, food, medical care, […]