Child Development Centre

It is widely known that people who are physically or mentally disabled frequently have limited access to public services, employment, advocacy for their rights, and job opportunities. In this context, we recognized that children with disabilities need to be addressed with valuable guidance and support at various stages of their lives and as early as possible. According to studies, families with disabled children may also find it challenging to care for them since they are inadequately informed about their child’s condition. Insufficient social assistance also makes it harder for parents/caregivers to care for the disabled kid and understand their needs and necessities, which has an impact on how well the family as a whole functions.  Our CDC is designed for training and psychological assistance to lessen their level of stress and give them the skills they need to care for their children with disabilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Each child attending the CDC undergoes the initial screening followed by detailed evaluation by the multidisciplinary team of Doctors, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, Clinical psychologist and Special educator. Depending on the child’s condition and disabilities, appropriate therapeutic interventions are provided.